Adam Zuravleff

Hello my name is Adam Zuravleff. I graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Computer Engineering in August 2016. I am looking for a software engineering job in the fields of embedded systems, devices, and Internet of Things. I have coded extensively in C, C++, python, Matlab, and MIPS. I have also experimented by myself with html, javascript, arm assembly, and Visual Basic. I had Software Engineering internships with Intel and Altair.

There is a lot of web content from when I first created this site. It is outdated, and it is about things that I was into when I was much younger, but feel free to peruse some of my old web content here.

For my Senior Design Project at Georgia Tech, we created a Virtual Drummer. The device had a custom 3d printed drumstick and fabricated pcb board. The project involved interfacing an integrated accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer(IMU) to a microcontroller to a bluetooth module to an Android app we wrote.

photo of Adam
Adam Zuravleff
Cell (650) 714-1821
Mountain View, CA